Anne Mascia, LCSW, RYT

Buffalo, New York
United States


Admitting we need help is not easy.   Reaching out for support can be challenging, and choosing a therapist who can compassionately help you identify and work through issues that may be affecting you and your life takes courage.   Through mindfulness, meditation and solution focused techniques, I empower clients to make the positive and effective changes needed to solve problems and live a happier more meaningful life.  My extensive experience has afforded me the opportunity to witness growth and success in hundreds of clients and I look forward to working with you.

The diversity of my experience is broad as I have assisted clients with trauma, grief, loss, death and dying, family issues, gender identity, addictions, and general mental health.   Research has discovered that our emotions and memories are stored not only in our memories but in our physical bodies. My yoga training has evolved my practice into a holistic client centered therapy, focusing on your strengths, in a way that utilizes both the head and heart, which is effective in identifying and releasing emotional and physical barriers.   

I have identified the key to developing a healthy mind even in the face of adversity and challenge. Utilizing and integrating the philosophies of yoga, meditation, pranayama (breath control) and cognitive behavior modification, I can assist anyone who is dedicated to their personal wellness and recovery. When we heal ourselves we begin to heal the world.

If you are in an immediate crisis, please call 911 in the US and Canada, 999 in the UK, 000 In Australia or 112 in Europe.
Alternatively, you can visit Befrienders Worldwide to find a suicide helpline for your country.

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